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About Us

Building facades is all we do – we are facade nerds!  Our expert team is dedicated to the design, engineering, fabrication, and delivery of facade systems.  If you can imagine it – we can make it.  We work with architects, installers and contractors nationwide, and have a reputation for best-in-the-business service and product quality.  We welcome the opportunity to work with you and your team to find a buildable, cost-effective solution to your next project.

Meet The Team


Zach Ziola

Zach is our managing partner and heads up our Design and Engineering Department. Zach has more than 15 years of experience designing and delivering rainscreen facade systems, from complex A-list projects to budget-conscious commercial developments. An architect by training, Zach is able to help balance the realities of a projects budget and schedule with the architect’s design intent. Zach is in house Ravenclaw.


Maeve Sattler

Maeve is responsible for developing the structures and systems that form the foundation of our firm. With a decade of experience in the facade manufacturing world, Maeve connects the dots, makes things better, and keeps us moving forward. Maeve is challenging the stereotype in house Slytherin.

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Jeremy Smith

Jeremy is a partner and heads up our Sales and Business Development Department. Over the last 25 years, Jeremy has made a study of building-making from diverse perspectives and brings that range of vision to supporting our clients. Jeremy loves team-building and collaborative approaches to complex challenges. Jeremy is in house Hufflepuff.

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Zac Stahl

Zac is responsible for managing our supply chain and overseeing shipping and receiving. With 25 years of experience in the construction and manufacturing worlds, Zac knows how to get things done. Speeding things up, reducing costs, improving quality – Zac works hard to make sure we can provide our clients with the best possible value. Zac is in house Gryffindor.


Mike Allen

Mike is the director of exo Sales and Business Development with a focus on developing innovative new product solutions. Mike has built a career with over 15 years of experience in sales and engineering within the architectural products industry. In his free time, he enjoys building rigs for breaking things.  Mike is in house Hufflepuff.


Erica Conner

Erica is responsible for coordinating our material samples program and supports our sales and marketing efforts. Quick to jump in and generate new ideas, Erica brings the energy to creatively get things done. Erica is in house Slytherin.

Our Partners

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